TexVar - LaTeX math calculations


TexVar (short tVar) is a basic LaTeX math calculations tool written in Lua. For integration into LaTeX, it has to be used together with LuaLaTeX. Compared to software like Mathcad TexVar is a lot more flexible. You can fill custom designed tables with results, do calculations within text documents and print beautiful LaTeX equations. The current version also supports 2D-plotting with gnuplot.

Currently the following operations are supported:

Upcoming features/task:

For a better understanding on what TexVar does, you should have a look at this presentation on SlideShare


The download contains the LuaLaTeX-Package and the TexVar-Library,

TexVar 1.5.20

The project is also hosted on Gitlab (TexVar on Gitlab)

Getting Started


The best way to start with TexVar is by reading the manual.

TexVar-Manual 1.5.20


There is no installation needed. The folders tVar and lib only need to be in the same folder your executable file is. For plotting you need to change the path to your gnuplot install with the command:

% Linux and Mac
tPlot.gnuplot_library = "gnuplot"
% Windows
tPlot.gnuplot_library = [==["WINDOWSPATH"]==]


Need more Help?

In case you need further information or help on using TexVar, just send me an email.


TexVar is a free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.